• Arnprior's most valuable asset is our team.
  • We are here to help YOU, and we are here 7 days a week!
  • Arnprior Airport Commission 613-623-9687
  • For private and commercial permit holders, the Arnprior Airport is an airport of entry designated for CANPASS. CANPASS members can land at Arnprior any time regardless of the hours of business of the local CBSA office.

    Due to COVID, Canada Border Services Agency has temporarily suspended CANPASS services until further notice.
Flight Planning
  • London FIC 1-866-WXBRIEF or 1-866-541-4104
WX Cameras
  • FUEL 100LL, JETA. 30,000 litre underground tanks on site,
  • Available 24/7 with fuel card  How to use the fuel card
  • Credit cards accepted during business hours only
  • OIL Aeroshell W100, W100 Plus, 15W50, Phillips 66 X/C 20W-50
  • Food,Taxi, Medical Facilities, Accommodation (rental) Car rental, Public Wif-Fi, Public Internet Access
  • Runway 10/28: 3937 x 75 feet of asphalt
  • Runway 16/34: 2360 x 50 feet of gravel - no winter maintenance
Lighting ARCAL
  • Runway 10/28 is equipped with Aircraft Radio Control Aerodrome Lighting, ARCAL 122.7 Type J. It can be activated by keying the MIC five times on frequency 122.7.
  • Aerodrome Traffic Frequency (ATF)UNICOM limited hours 122.7 5NM 3400 ASL
  • We are not always available to answer your call, as we may be cutting grass or removing snow. However we are staffed 7 days a week for 6-8 hours per day depending on the season, and all of our operators have a radio license and can provide airport advisories when able.
Float Base (CNB5)
  • Arnprior is one of the few remaining airport with a float base and AVGAS fuel for sale right at the water. There is a self-serve solar powered pump available for your convenience. London FIC 1-866-WXBRIEF or 1-866-541-4104
  • Seaplane operations on Madawaska River.
  • Runway 16/34 prohibited to aircraft exceeding 10,000 lbs GTOW.
  • Parachuting over airport 12,500 ASL & below from May to October
IFR Approaches
  • Short and long term outside parking available. Call ahead and we will reserve a spot for you.
  • Looking for overnight or short term inside parking? Give us a call and we will work for you. We can reach out to local hangar owners to see if space is available.
Snow Removal
  • Runway 10/28 and all taxiways are kept clear year round.
  • Our trigger is just 2” of snow. Once we have measured 2” of snow on the ground, the crew is called and the work doesn’t stop until the entire airport is clear.
  • During winter months, runway inspections are completed daily with Runway Surface Condition Reports published with NAV CANADA
  • There is no winter maintenance on runway 16/34